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Hot New Putters for 2009: TaylorMade KiaMa

Several putter companies are getting the jump on 2009 this fall by releasing a host of exciting new putters.

For the rest of this week, PutterZone.com will give you a daily preview of putters to come from TaylorMade, Miura Golf and Nike Golf, starting with TaylorMade.

Fresh off the widespread success of its Rossa Monza Spider putter this year, TaylorMade is now entering the ultra-premium putter category with a new line of putters ($299) by designer KiaMa, which will be released on December 15.

The line includes five models: Daytona (pictured here), Monaco, Imola, Monte Carlo and Maranello (pictured below).

According to TaylorMade, “Our master putter-maker, KiaMa, has been making customized classic models for our Tour Staff professionals for years, each one beautifully sculpted and finely detailed. We decided it was time to make these types of putters available to golfers who appreciate that kind of workmanship.”

The Rossa TP KiaMa putters are crafted from soft 1018 carbon steel and are 100 percent CNC milled. The Daytona and Monaco models feature individual tungsten weights in the heel and toe designed to increase stability on miss-hits.

Says TaylorMade: “Rossa TP by KiaMa putters are completed with a rich, midnight black finish that gives them a sleek, sexy appearance both on the shelf and behind the ball. Rest assured that these are the most carefully honed and finely detailed Rossa putters we’ve ever created.”

P.S. Stay tuned this week at PutterZone.com for more 2009 putter previews.

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  1. Superb feel, soft and pure roll. Much better than my Yes and Odessey 2 ball putter.

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