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Nike to Release New OZ Putter Line

Nike Golf is set to release a fresh new line of its OZ series putters, as well as two new additions to its IC line of putters. The new putters will be released on November 1.

The new OZ putters ($99) represent a substantial visual departure from the existing OZ putters. The OZ line now includes two classically styled blades (OZ 2 blade pictured here) in addition to four progressively designed mallets. Each OZ putter features a vivid green “high visibility” polymer insert.

According to Nike Golf, “The ultra-lightweight polymer insert (63% lighter than aluminum) allows for enhanced perimeter weighting which increases stability through impact.” 

The new OZ putters feature a matte black finish with “dual sightlines” to assist with squaring the putter face to the line. They also come with standard oversize Winn grips, which are designed to quiet the hands and writs for a more consistent stroke.

Meanwhile, the IC line will see the addition of large mallet and mid mallet models ($139; click here for PutterZone.com’s review of the existing IC 20-10 model). The IC putters are dark green, from grip to shaft to putter head. According to Nike Golf: “With the putter’s head and shaft color blending into the background of the putting green, the Nike IC Putter eliminates ‘visual noise’ and mutes the areas of the club that aren’t critical. Instead, the eyes are focused on what is critical—alignment.”

Purists will no doubt balk again at Nike’s continued emphasis on edgy green-centric color schemes in its putters, especially now that the new OZ line features a green insert. But the fact that the company is sticking to its aesthetic guns suggests that Nike is making sufficent greenbacks from the color green when it comes to sales.  

Stay tuned for reviews of the new Nike OZ and IC putters on PutterZone.com. 

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