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PING Set to Celebrate 50 Years

PING Golf may be an equipment powerhouse today, but it was born of humble roots—a lone visionary moonlighting in his garage, determined to build a better putter. Now the company is set to celebrate its milestone 50th anniversary in 2009.  

When founder Karsten Solheim (pictured here) crafted his first putter in 1959, he ignited a revolution in putter design. Solheim’s heel-toe weighted Anser model is today the most-copied design in the putter market, a testament to its enduring genius. 

Says PING Chairman and CEO John Solheim: “When my father, Karsten, designed the original PING putter and showed it to PGA professionals, they were hesitant at first. Once they tried it, they liked it and offered a lot of encouragement for him to market the putter. They soon became his best customers and promoters. This helped turn his garage-based operation into one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of custom-fit, custom-built golf equipment.”

PING will kick off its 50th anniversary celebration at the 2009 PGA Merchandise Show on January 29-31 in Orlando, Florida.

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