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Rife Unveils New Putters for 2009

Rife Putters is charging full steam ahead into 2009 with several new putters as well as enhancements to existing models. 

Rife’s Island Series line will soon expand with the addition of the Bimini blade and the Abaco small mallet (both $179). The Bimini (pictured here) is inspired by the classic Wilson 8802 putter and “designed for the true traditionalist.” The Abaco is a “player’s mallet” with a minimalist design, which will appeal to those who prefer a pure mallet without a lot of bells, whistles and visual noise. Rory Sabbatini has already put the Abaco into play on the PGA Tour. Both putters are milled from 304 stainless steel and feature Rife’s RollGroove face groove technology.  
Meanwhile, Rife’s Two Bar Hybrid blade and mallet models will be available as “tour” editions ($199) in 2009. According to Rife, “The key difference is that the Two Bar Hybrid Tour blade has a plumber neck hosel; the bars are shortened to allow for the extra weight from the hosel; and the overall body is more compact. The more compact head is preferred by most tour players and makes for a very sleek and solid feeling putter.” The mallet version will feature a similar makeover, and both will feature a matte black finish.

Rife has also extended its Aussie IBF Tour Series line with the addition of the Aussie IBF Tour Mallet ($189), which features the same black matte finish seen on the Aussie IBF Tour blade that was released earlier this year. The mallet features a plumber’s neck and a RollGroove face. It is milled from 303 stainless steel with a head weight of 345 grams.

Lastly, Rife’s popular Barbardos mallet has undergone a “facelift,” to include a matte black finish as well as polished face grooves for a two-tone look.

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  1. Any word on a release date on the Bimini, or suggestions on another 8802 replica? My dad has his dad’s old spalding blue chip and they’re hard to find, so I’d settle for a duplicate if I could find one.

    A copy of my favorite putter is OK, right?

  2. I’m not sure when the Bimini will be available. I was told that some of the new Rife putters were sold out before they really touched ground, so it could take some time for inventory to catch up.

    I found the Magique Blade S to be a sweet old-school blade putter for the price.

    Wilson now makes an 8862 blade that is inspired by the 8802, but it has a red face insert that, to my eye, just doesn’t look right.

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