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TaylorMade Rossa Core Classic Putter Review

As reported recently on PutterZone.com, Taylor Made is about to make its debut in the ultra-premium putter category with its new KiaMa putters ($299).

But with its new Rossa Core Classics putters ($119), TaylorMade is also guarding the bottom line for bargain-conscious golfers. Do these putters deliver sufficient bang for the buck? Following is PutterZone.com’s TaylorMade Core Classic Rossa Daytona putter review.

The Storyline
Of the Core Classics putters, TaylorMade says: “Each features a soft stainless steel head construction, finished in Tuscan nickel and equipped with a new, softer-feeling AGSI+ face insert that delivers a 50 percent softer feel at impact than previous Rossa putters with AGSI+.”

The AGSI+ grooves are designed to “hold” the ball at impact, reducing backspin and promoting forward spin. The grooves are filled with a soft polymer that aims to dampen unwanted vibration at impact.

The Rossa Core Classics line appears to be the inheritor of the Rossa Classics, which carried the same price tag but with a black finish and the earlier iteration of the AGSI+ insert. Click here to read PutterZone.com’s earlier review of the Rossa Siena Classic putter.

The Daytona Core Classic is one of four putters in the Core Classics line. It is made from 304 stainless steel. The head weight is 345 grams, the lie angle is 70 degrees and the loft is 3.5 degrees.

The View from PutterZone.com
The Daytona Core Classic may be priced like a Ford Focus, but it has the looks of Fiat. It is finished with a sleek polished chrome on the sole and face, which looks sharp in tandem with the red, black and yellow of the AGSI+ insert. The remainder of the head is rendered with the semi-matte Tuscan nickel finish, bringing a subtle two-tone effect to the putter.

The Daytona Core Classic is a solid interpretation of the traditional Anser-style putter, and accordingly offers ample playability. At setup, it’s almost a dead ringer for PING’s Karsten Anser model, but with a slightly larger head and sharper beveling at the heel and toe.

The AGSI+ insert strokes the ball with a pleasant softness, yet also with a nice foundational bass note in the hands. The Daytona Classic doesn’t have the grippy, almost chalky, quality that I’ve sensed on some of TaylorMade’s other AGSI+ putters. Rather, it is indeed softer as advertised, apparently owing to the new generation of AGSI+ inserts.

The Tuscan nickel finish on the crown of the putter is a winner in the cosmetics department, but it can throw some glare during certain sunlight conditions. The Winn grip features the new Rossa logo, which retires the swan for a more aggressive-looking bird. Unfortunately, the bird’s head is right where the left thumb goes, and it’s slicker to the touch than the native black remainder of the grip, creating a bit of tactile dissonance in the fingers. These quibbles are far from deal breakers, however, especially at this price.

The Bottom Line
For golfers who want to wield a traditional Anser-style putter with some extra flair and flash, the TaylorMade Core Classic Rossa Daytona putter is hard to beat for the price. The putter’s next-generation AGSI+ insert brings added value and appeal to those who prefer a softer feel in their putter. The Daytona Core Classic ultimately earns “best buy” honors by offering solid playability in an attractive yet affordable package.

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Sean Weir is the founder and editor of PutterZone.com, and the author of Putter Perfection, the definitive guide to putter fitting. Profile: Google+

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  1. About the TaylorMade Rossa Core Classic Putter…I'm currently demo'ing a new Rossa Lambeau model. When I picked it up at the sports store, it had a terrific feel; the head was somewhat heavy and I felt like it would hold it's line for a straight-back, straight-thru stroke. I was surprised when I looked at the price on the shaft, less than $120.00. I had expected it to be in the $200 range.
    And, I wasn't wrong, played only 18 with it and it truly performed, especially on putts of about 10 feet and in. I've been experimenting with a putter with a polymer insert and having some distance problems, specifically coming up short on first lags of about 20 feet and in.
    I think I'm gonna love this Lambeau…it features the AGSI+ technology, which stands for Anti-skid Groove System Insert as per your reviews. Like I said, I'm really liking it, having never tried a TaylorMade putter before.

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