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A Putter to Answer Your Prayers

If you find yourself seeking help from a higher power when it comes to sinking more putts, there’s a new putter that aims to answer your prayers. 

The new putter is the Ichthus mallet, named for the Latin word for the familiar Christian fish symbol. According to Ichthus Golf: “Christian golfers stand to make an important personal statement without saying a word when playing with the Ichthus putter.”

The Ichthus putter features the fish symbol on the face and is made from a ceramic composite called Ceramix, which is encased in a brass chassis. According to Caldwell, “The ceramic composite putter provides the perfect feel: softer than metal, firmer than balata.” The putter measures four inches from heel to toe, has a loft of three degrees and weighs in at a relatively light 315 grams.

The Ichthus mallet is available for $124. Twenty percent of the net proceeds from the putter are donated to the Gospel Global Vision Project. 

As a 315-gram putter made from ceramic composite, the Ichthus mallet is definitely unusual. But as the folks at Ichthus Golf say, “Sometimes being a fish out of water is a good thing.”

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