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Adidas Tour 360 3.0 Golf Shoe Review

One of the most overlooked aspects of a proper putting setup is posture, and one of the easily underestimated components of posture is the shoe. 

If your feet are unsupported, unstable or otherwise uncomfortable, you will have a difficult time maintaining a healthy posture throughout a round of golf, which can ultimately wreak havoc on your putting game. 

Enter the new Adidas Tour 360 3.0 golf shoe ($179), which promises superior performance and comfort through high technology. Can these shoes actually help you sink more putts? Following is PutterZone.com’s Adidas Tour 360 3.0 golf shoe review. 

The Storyline
The Adidas Tour 360 3.0 is the next generation offspring of the Tour360 LTD, offering enhanced “360 Wrap” technology and a new external molded heel cup inspired by cycling shoes. 

The 360 Wrap is a three-dimensional molded upper designed to deliver “unmatched stability, fit and feel.” The heel cup “locks the foot in place and eliminates heel slippage, optimizing the golfer’s power transfer. 

The Adidas Tour 360 3.0 returns the line to a “10-cleat tour platform, which most players crave for increased grip and balance.” 

The shoe also features a THiNTech TPU exoskeleton (yes, that’s exactly how it’s spelled), a low-profile platform that “lowers the golfer closer to the ground more than ever before.”

The View from PutterZone.com
Out of the box, the Adidas Tour 360 3.0 struck me as one of the coolest looking golf shoes I’ve seen—crisp and elegant, yet also progressive and athletic. The molded wrap and heel cup could have easily veered into something garish, but Adidas managed to tastefully integrate them into a seamless design. 

The shoes felt a bit stiff at first, and I feared that a painful breaking-in period might ensue, particularly as I have wide feet that are susceptible to friction. So I was surprised when, by the third hole, my feet felt fine and cozy, as if they’d already played a few rounds in the shoes. From the top, the shoes don’t look wide, yet they felt sufficiently wide inside. 

The overall performance of the shoes is transcendent. They are sturdy and stable without feeling heavy or clumsy. The midsole support is excellent, providing a pivotal swing foundation. At the same time, the shoes are nimble in stride, so that the feet continue to feel fresh and energized. 

These qualities translate beautifully to the putting green. With the feet and back feeling healthy deep into a round, it’s much easier to consistently bend at the hips and maintain a firm spine angle for a proper putting setup. Bending at the waist instead of the hips and rounding the back are two posture issues that will undermine your putting peformance (watch Tiger Woods for a textbook example of excellent putting posture). 

The technological jargon surrounding these shoes is a bit over the top for my tastes, but it’s clearly more than mere marketing chatter, because they perform as advertised. 

The Adidas Tour 360 3.0 is a particularly fine choice for the winter months, when the elements require maximum protection and traction in a shoe. Come summertime, the more casual golfer might opt for a lighter-weight shoe with added breathability, such as the Adidas Powerband Sport.  

The Bottom Line
The Adidas Tour 360 3.0 is a high-performance shoe that boasts a remarkable combination of stability and comfort, as well as a sartorial sleekness that keeps you looking sharp. Adidas continues to push the envelope of shoe technology without sacrificing the fundamentals of a highly wearable, good-looking shoe.   

About Sean Weir

Sean Weir is the founder and editor of PutterZone.com, and the author of Putter Perfection, the definitive guide to putter fitting. Profile: Google+


  1. Hey Guys, I liked the story about the Adidas 360 Tour 3 helping you putt.
    I’ve quoted you (at http://www.golf-shoes-blog.com) and commented. (Surely any shoe which delivers you to the green happy and comfortable will help you putt?)
    I’d lke to swap links if you would. I do shoes and you do putters – no conflict there. Any chance of getting golf-shoes-blog into your cool sites?
    Thanks Tate. X

  2. Played first round with my 360 tour 3. Heels are shredded. Have been a long-time Adidas fan, but am left disappointed with these.

  3. bought these a few weeks ago and i love um! greatshoes and really comfotable. ive also found my golf is getting better with wearing them too! especcially putting. well done adidas!

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