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Drill Bits: Core Fitness for Golfers

With winter already bearing down on much of the country, it’s time for golfers to take care of their bodies so that they can come out of hibernation healthy and ready to play golf when weather permits. 

One important aspect of staying in golfing shape is maintaining your core strength and flexibility, which will not only help you drive the ball better, but will also enable you to achieve the healthy posture that is crucial for a proper putting setup. Thankfully, there’s a new book that can help you raise your game by improving your core fitness.

Core Performance Golf is the latest entry in acclaimed trainer Mark Verstegen’s Core Performance book series. But it’s not just another line extension. It’s clear when reading the book that Verstegen understands the unique physical demands and nuances of the game. 

One key element of the Core Performance approach is Movement Prep, an “active series of warmup exercises that efficiently lengthens, strengthens, stabilizes and balances muscles.”

Movement Prep is presented as a smart alternative to the static stretching that many golfers do prior to a round. Writes Verstegen, “The problem with static stretching prior to a round is that it puts muscles in a  submissive hold until they shut down. That’s the last thing you want and is sure to impede performance in the dynamic and elastic sport of golf.”

Following is one easy example from the book’s Movement Prep section:

Hold a club with arms extended in front of you with one palm up, one down, and hands slightly wider than a shoulder-width apart. While maintaining perfect posture, rotate the club so the palm facing up is now facing down and vice versa. Hold the stretch for one to two seconds, then return to the starting position. Continue for the prescribed number of repetitions. Switch hand positions and repeat on other side. 

In addition to Movement Prep exercises, Core Performance Golf also features strength and muscle regeneration exercises, as well as nutritional guidance and physiological insights related to golf. 

The above excerpt is reprinted with permission from Rodale Books, copyright © 2008 by Joxy LLC.

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