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SeeMore SB1 Silverback Putter Review

The SeeMore Putter Company is rolling into 2009 with its new SB1 mallet, the company’s first putter to offer adjustable weighting technology.

The SB1, a.k.a. Silverback, is the latest chapter in SeeMore’s remarkable return to the elite putter ranks under new ownership over the past two years.

Does the SB1 fit the SeeMore script? Following is PutterZone.com’s Seemore SB1 Silverback ($225) putter review.

The Storyline
The SeeMore SB1 mallet is made in the U.S.A. from 6061 aerospace aluminum. The putter is milled and anodized, then re-milled so that the back of the putter, the sole graphics and the face have the raw aluminum re-exposed—hence the nickname Silverback.

The use of aluminum is a departure for SeeMore, whose mSeries putters are milled from stainless steel. According to co-owner Jim Grundberg, the aluminum allowed SeeMore more latitude in the overall design and weighting properties. The cost of aluminum is less than steel, and it requires less time on the milling machine, enabling SeeMore to offer the Silverback for $100 less than its 
milled steel putters.

The Silverback’s 335-gram head features three weight ports that accommodate an optional weight kit ($15, available within the next two weeks). The kit includes three 7-gram cylinders that are secured with three 1-gram cylinder screwcaps, enabling the golfer to choose between head weights of 335, 343, 351 and 359 grams total. The weight ports bisect the raised spine of the putter. The spine gives the putter more of a center-weighted design, which is amplified when the weights are inserted.

The center-weighted design dynamic is a key feature of the putter, as explained by Grundberg: “The MOI on the Silverback is fairly high, as it is a large mallet putter with weight positioned in the back. But the design with the weight in the center still allows the putter to swing on a natural arc far better than most of the new super-high MOI putters. We have been told by many tour and better players that this is exactly what they are looking for.”

As with all SeeMore putters, the SB1 features the company’s signature RifleScope Technology (RST) alignment system, whereby a blackened lower shaft visually intersects and hides a red dot on the putter crown. Two parallel white lines frame the shaft to ensure consistent setup and alignment. The Silverback comes in a straight shaft or offset “whistle” shaft. The following review is of the SB1 with the whistle shaft, which is officially the SB1w. 

The View from PutterZone.com
The SeeMore SB1 Silverback was one of these happy instances of love at first stroke. I found it to be deadly accurate right out of the gates. The path was fluid, the contact was pure and the results were consistent.

Some of this is surely simple chemistry—a putter that just happens to jive with my personal mechanics and stroke. But I have no doubt that there’s plenty of method behind the magic, too. SeeMore always seems to maintain a laser-like focus on the art of performance, so it’s no coincidence when their putters perform beautifully.

In the pursuit of higher and higher MOI, a lot of face-balanced mallets carry more weight at the perimeters, so the center-weighted Silverback is a bit of a contrarian by design. I swing on a moderate arc, and the Silverback seemed to flow very naturally along this arc. At the same time, I can’t see a reason why this putter wouldn’t work well with a straight-back-straight-through stroke, either.

The proprietary whistle shaft worked perfectly by matching the Riflescope alignment system with my preference for a hands-forward setup. At address, the Silverback presents a crisp black profile with a single white sightline atop a T-shaped crown. The Silverback isn’t Paris Hilton. It’s Diane Lane—elegant, composed and utterly professional.

The optional weight kit is ingenious and affordable. The weight cylinders are easily inserted into the ports and secured with screw caps that finish flush with the spine, thus causing no visual disruption at address. SeeMore designer Andre Shmoldas never seems to miss these important little details.

While I’m trending toward lighter head weights these days, I preferred the Silverback when fully loaded with all three weight cylinders, which seemed to add depth and resonance to the feel of the aluminum head.

The Bottom Line
The SeeMore SB1 is a brilliantly designed mallet that advances SeeMore’s reputation for superior performance. The adjustable weighting option and proven Riflescope alignment system bring considerable added value to the putter. The SB1 proves once again that SeeMore is at the top of its game.

About Sean Weir

Sean Weir is the founder and editor of PutterZone.com, and the author of Putter Perfection, the definitive guide to putter fitting. Profile: Google+


  1. Can you comment on the feel of this putter vs the seemore steel version putters?

  2. The the feel of the aluminum SB1 isn't as juicy and supple in the hands as the M1 and other milled steel putters I've tried from SeeMore. It's a little more crisp, but perhaps not quite as profound.

  3. Would you say, the SB1 does not give as good feedback as the M1 series? Do you think the aluminum face does not produce a firm enough feel when striking the ball? For a person preferring a mallet putter, would you recommend this one or is there another seemore mallet you would prefer instad?

  4. Excellent and innovating model of putter, the SB1 looks pretty amazing.

  5. Excellent and innovating model of putter, the SB1 looks pretty amazing.

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