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The Dark Side of Heavy Putter

Two of Heavy Putter’s most popular models are now available in black, a cosmetic departure from the matte gray that has defined the Heavy Putter line for the past few years. 

The black C2-B blade and G3-B mallet are otherwise identical siblings of the C2-DF and G3-DF, which belong to Heavy Putter’s Deep Face line. 

The non-glare black finish on the Heavy Putters is applied by a process called “physical vapor deposition,” which creates a durable, maintenance-free exterior that resists corrosion. 

Earlier this year, Heavy Putter introduced a C2-DF milled limited-edition putter in black as well. However, only 500 of those putters were made at a price of $399. 

The new black putters belong to the mainstream Deep Face line and cost $169, the same as their matte gray counterparts. 

Judging by the photos, Heavy Putter has an aesthetic hit on its hands. 

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