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The Rebirth of Slotline Putters

A blast from the past is back in a big way as Slotline Golf is set to release 14 new putters in late November. These will be the first Slotline putters available since 2001.

The new putters will fall under three series: the 700 Series ($199), 500 Series ($159) and 300 Series ($99). 

According to Slotline Golf: “Slotline technology revolutionized the putter industry in the 1980s, and its famous Inertial Putter sold more than one million putters, winning the U.S. Open and many other PGA Tour events. Slotline putters were the first in golf to introduce technology dedicated to moment of inertia (MOI) or the resistance to twisting, even on off-center hits.”

Slotline Golf was founded in 1972 by Clovis “Duke” Duclos, an aerospace engineer who worked for McDonnell-Douglas. Frustrated with his own putting, he developed an alignment aid whereby proper setup is consistently communicated by the visual joining of a slot and a line along the crown of the putter. 

Fittingly, the new putters feature the signature Slotline alignment aid as well as an emphasis on high MOI properties. 

The 700 Series putters are milled from 6061 aircraft aluminum and feature strategically placed tungsten plugs that elevate MOI by distributing more weight to the perimeter of the heads. The 700 Series putters include the Raider, Stealth and Super Moment. The 500 Series and 300 Series putters also emphasize MOI and include a variety of mallet and blade styles. 

Dynamic Brands, maker of the popular Bag Boy golf carts and bags, acquired Slotline Golf in 2007 and has obviously been hard at work on this new generation of Slotline putters.

P.S. Stay tuned for PutterZone.com’s review of the Slotline Raider putter.

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  1. I purchased a Slotline 700 series a couple weeks ago and I have shaved off at least 5 putts per round. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!

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