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A New Way to Pack Your Putter

Porta-Putter is a new service that chops your putter in half—but for a good cause. 

The premise behind Porta-Putter is that because the putter is the most personal and important piece of golf equipment, and because traveling with golf clubs is a pain, the smart alternative is to simply pack your putter in your suitcase. How? By allowing Porta-Putter to place a patented threaded insert inside the shaft of the putter, enabling it to be unscrewed and transported in two shorter pieces. 

This way, you can conveniently rent clubs on the go while still having your trusty putter in hand, as putting accounts for roughly 40 percent of your shots in a typical round.

According to the company, “Your putter will feel and perform exactly the same as it did before the Porta-Putter process. The precision inserts weigh less than 3 percent of the putter weight and are strategically placed in the center of the putter shaft. Additionally, there is a small alignment guide on the insert to make certain your putter is aligned, as it was when you sent it to us.”

The company says the process will not change the look of the putter, as the insert blends in with the shaft.  

The cost of the service is $79.95, which includes shipping both ways. Upon ordering, the customer receives a shipping container with a pre-paid UPS shipping label. The modified putter is returned within two weeks. 

PutterZone.com has not yet tried the Porta-Putter service. To be honest, the idea of cutting a SeeMore m1 or DeLaCruz blade in half still gives us the heebie-jeebies, if only on principle. On the other hand, the option of packing a favorite putter in a suitcase for easy transport is pretty tempting.

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