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The Lighter Side of Heavy Putter

The early word is out on the next Heavy Putters, which will soon arrive under the banner of the Heavy Putter MID-WEIGHT Series by Boccieri Golf. 

Whereas earlier Heavy Putters exceeded 850 grams of total weight, the new MID-WEIGHT K4 blade (and presumably other models) clocks in at 750 grams. The price is $170. The accompanying photo is one of the first published of the K4 model. 

One can assume that the new MID-WEIGHT putters will, like earlier Heavy Putters, include a counterweight in the shaft to raise the balance point for smoother control over the heavy head. However, no further details are available at this time. 

The MID-WEIGHT Series sounds like a solid concept. Lighter versions of the Heavy Putter should capture additional golfers who are drawn to the heavy-duty technology but also want to maintain a more nimble touch in terms of feel and grip pressure. 

A conventional putter generally weighs under 500 grams (inclusive of head, shaft and grip), so the K4’s 750 grams still provides significant differentiation. 

Judging from the photo, it also looks like the MID-WEIGHT Series will feature some aesthetic improvements, including options for a silver or black finish, as well as more traditional profiles. The K4 is pretty sweet looking from PutterZone.com’s vantage.

Stay tuned here at PutterZone.com for more information on the new Heavy Putter Mid-Weight Series. 

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