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Scoop: Never Compromise X-Ray Putters

It’s confirmed, and you heard it here first—Never Compromise is poised for a comeback in 2009 with the upcoming release of its new Never Compromise X-Ray putters. 

Rumors of Never Compromise’s demise were apparently exaggerated, if understandable. 

In an age when the pressure is on putter brands to introduce new putters every year, Never Compromise has been stuck in neutral since the release of its Exchange Series putters two years ago. 

At the same time, Never Compromise putters have remained popular on the PGA Tour, with Vijay Singh being their most visible ambassador. In fact, according to the company, Never Compromise putters were involved in $34 million in earnings on the PGA Tour alone in 2008.

Details on the new Never Compromise X-Ray putters are limited at the moment, but here is what PutterZone.com has learned…

The putters will feature a “suspended face technology,” to include a dual density insert that uses isolated ribs embedded in a softer composite for vibration dampening and consistent ball velocity across the face. This technology limits the surface area in contact with the ball to improve directional dispersion. The “ultra lightweight” face insert represents 25 percent reduction in center weighting (compared to other Never Compromise putters) for enhanced MOI.

Additionally, the X-Ray putters will incorporate gray and red “alignment ribs” designed to help golfers achieve a consistent setup and proper alignment. 

The Never Compromise X-Ray putter blade models will cost $149 and the mallets will cost $159—quite a bit cheaper than the preceding Exchange Series and Milled Series. Look for them in early spring.

The X-Ray putters were conceived by the same folks who created the Classic Series putters for sister brand Cleveland Golf, which are a screaming deal at $69. So there’s no reason not to expect a ton of bang for your buck with the new Never Compromise X-Ray putters. 

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