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GEL Rego Putter Sizzles on European Tour

Kang Wins with GEL Rego Putter

GEL Golf is feeling groovy as Anthony Kang wielded its GEL Rego putter on the path to victory at the PGA European Tour’s recent Maybank Malaysian Open in Kuala Lumpur. 

Kang, who resides in Las Vegas, finished one shot ahead of the pack at 17 shots under par, and earned the equivalent of $330,000 in the process. It was Kang’s first victory in eight years. 

The GEL Rego putter is one of eight models in GEL’s Paul Hurrion Signature Range. Kang, who had been using an older GEL model, was given the Rego mallet by GEL tour representative Shane Warde at the start of the week. Apparently, he liked it. Now he surely loves it. 

GEL (for Groove Equipment Limited) was founded two years ago by Alec Pettigrew, an entrepreneur and former CEO of Yes! Golf Asia Pacific. Each GEL putter incorporates an aluminum insert with a series of finely milled saw-like grooves engineered to minimize skidding and hopping and initiate true roll more quickly for straighter putts.

Dr. Paul Hurrion is a biomechanics expert and putting specialist who works with Padraig Harrington, Rory McIlroy and others. Pettigrew enlisted him to create the putters in the Paul Hurrion Signature Range, which was launched last year.

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