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Goode Putters Offer The Right Stuff

Goode Putter

A new company is taking putter fitting to the next level, not only offering custom lengths and lie angles, but also three separate hosels and three individual head styles milled from two types of steel—all of which can be mixed and matched to your personal preference.

Alabama-based Goode Putters unveiled their new flatsticks at the PGA Merchandise Show two weeks ago. The company is a multigenerational family enterprise born of more than 15 years of experience in metal machining. 

“We like to golf, and we machine precision parts for a living,” explains proprietor Greg Goode. “I told my father Malcolm, we ought to be doing something we really enjoy. So the next logical step was to start making putters.”

But the Goode family went beyond making mere putters and right to the cutting edge of personal fitting. 

Goode Putter Hosels

Lengths are offered in increments of a quarter inch, from 29.25 to 36 inches and lie angles can be customized between 68 and 72 degrees. Better yet, you can choose from one of three interchangeable hosels for full offset, half offset or no offset (see photo). The hosels are attached to the head via a screw in the sole of the putter. You can also choose a mid-size or standard pistol grip.

Additionally, Goode Putters offers three head styles, which come in your choice of milled carbon steel or milled stainless steel. The carbon steel offers a softer feel compared to the stainless steel. The three head styles are designed to accommodate strokes that follow a wide arc, shallow arc or straight-back-and-straight-through path.

The Goode Putters web site features fitting guidance, such as a Dominant Eye Offset chart for hosel matching, and a chart for matching length and lie to your height and putting stance. 

The cost of the putters ranges from $199 (carbon steel) to $249 (stainless steel). You can also purchase the heads and shaft units (hosel, shaft and grip) separately.

Greg Goode says that the heads are milled from cold-drawn steel, which offers a uniform grain structure for precision quality and feel. Ornamental markings are limited to basic sightlines and the Goode name in the cavity. 

“We like the simple, classic, straight-up style,” Good says. “The look of these putters is very intentional.”

P.S. Stay tuned at PutterZone.com for our upcoming review of the new Goode Putters. 

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