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Paula Creamer’s New Putter

Paula Creamer's Putter

In a recent review of the new TaylorMade Rossa TP by Kia Ma Monaco putter, PutterZone.com called it “sleek and racy with a dollop of bling,” concluding that “on looks alone, this putter is going to drop some jaws and open some wallets.”
So it’s no surprise that when the Pink Panther herself, Paul Creamer, recently went on the prowl for a new putter, she sought out Kia Ma, TaylorMade’s chief putter designer. Now PutterZone.com has the first closeup look at Paula’s new putter.

Word from TaylorMade is that while Creamer had accumulated five victories on the LPGA Tour with a TaylorMade Rossa Suzuka mallet, her coach suggested that she consider a Daytona-style blade model.

After a visit to the TaylorMade Performance Lab in Carlsbad, California—where Creamer underwent a putter fitting analysis and experimented with a variety of hosels, inserts and other options—she ended up with a custom Rossa TP Daytona personally crafted by Kia Ma.

Creamer’s custom Daytona was milled from 1020 carbon steel and features a longer-than-standard hosel to match her preference for face-balanced putters. It also features TaylorMade’s signature Rossa AGSI+ insert, rendered in pink, of course. A gold champagne finish and personalized stampings—Pink Panther in the hosel, P.C. on the face—completed the bling-loaded package.

Ah, to be a tour player…

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  1. Sexxxy, like its owner. Hope she can put it to good use this week.

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