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Drill Bits: Use Your Putter Cover

ComoCome Putter Covers at Tour Spec Golf

This isn’t exactly a putting drill, but it’s something to drill into your head—use a putter cover! Not only will it save your putter, it might save your wedge, too. 

PutterZone.com is always amazed at how many golfers are so careful to cover their driver while leaving their putters exposed to “bag chatter,” the nicking and denting that occurs as clubs rattle around in the golf bag. 

Unlike driving, putting is a game of inches, half inches and, at times, centimeters. For this reason, putter designers go to great technological lengths to create milling patterns, grooves or inserts that deliver consistent impact as precisely and reliably as possible. 

In other words, a nick in the putter face can undo a lot of hard work—and it could conceivably knock your putts off line, too. 

A putter cover comes in handy around the green, too. How many of us have pulled a wedge and a putter out of the bag to finish a hole, only to drive or walk off with the wedge forgotten on the fringe? At best, it’s inconvenient to retrieve the wedge. At worst, the wedge vanishes into the bag of a thief. 

But if you are in the habit of using a putter cover, you can leave it on until you’re ready to putt. And when you are ready to putt, you can toss the cover next to your wedge. And guess what? After putting, your first impulse will be to re-cover your putter, compelling you to retrieve your putter cover—and making it nearly impossible to forget the wedge lying next to it. 

The good news is that your selection in putter covers has never been broader or cooler. Check out the Como!Come! putter covers (pictured here), WinWin putter covers and Dance with Dragon putter covers offered by Japanese golf equipment purveyor Tour Spec Golf. Tattoo Golf has some sweet covers, too. 

The bottom line is that if you leave your putter uncovered, bad things can happen. This game is hard enough as it is, so do yourself a favor and cover up your putter. 

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