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Insider Interview: Yes! Putters’ Blair Philip

Yes Golf's Blair Philip

Denver-based Yes! Golf is charging into 2009 with several new putter models, including the new Dawn blade, which promises to be the crown jewel in the brand portfolio. 

The open secret to Yes! Golf’s success is its patented C-Groove putter face technology, which was developed by English putting guru Harold Swash. The concentric C-Grooves on Yes! putters are designed to initiate immediate topspin for a truer, more accurate roll. 

Blair Philip, Yes! Golf’s director of research and development, is no stranger to the game of golf. He attended the University of Utah on a golf scholarship 20 years ago. He later moved to Japan, where he played golf professionally and taught English. He worked as a Japan Tour representative for PING Golf before becoming the general manager of PING Golf Japan. He joined Yes! in 2006. PutterZone.com recently caught up with Blair to get the latest scoop on Yes! Golf. Following is our exclusive interview:

There is already a buzz surrounding your new Yes! Dawn putter. What sets this putter apart in terms of features and benefits?
The Dawn is a beautifully manufactured piece that feels so good you really have to try it to believe it. This is the first time YES! has come out with a putter made entirely from 303 forged stainless steel. The lines are sharp without being too boxy, and the feel of 303 stainless steel with the C-Grooves is so soft that it will amaze you. We expect the tour players to embrace this putter.
What are the tangible advantages of Yes! putters’ C-Groove technology for the average golfer?
The C-Grooves offer several tangible advantages. For the average golfer, he or she will feel a more solid strike due to the way the edge grabs the ball, and the ball will begin rolling closer to the correct axis of rotation. There has been much written of late about “true roll” and the impact of grooves on a putt’s performance. We have empirical data showing how side spin affects putts, and we know that side spin is something that you want to avoid. C-Groove technology helps you control spin. One other smaller benefit is that grass, dirt and particulate matter have less effect on the initial direction of a putt. That’s a small issue until it happens to you, right?
Yes! and other companies that have focused on grooved-face technology tend to incorporate lower stock lofts in their putters—why is this?
YES! has a standard loft of 2.5 degrees. Our difference is about getting the ball on the ground and rolling better. It’s a common problem for amateurs to launch the ball too high by breaking their wrists and adding dynamic loft. Better players carry the shaft angle into and through impact without dragging the putter. There are other putter companies that believe the ball should skid or even be launched after impact. We disagree with this philosophy. A ball rolls truer when it is rolling “better.” The industry can argue about what “better” means all day long, but if there is less side spin on your ball, then the ball will stay on line better. A ball that is rolling well will have better results.
Yes! promotes the fact that its putters have been used by more than 200 tour players around the world, at the same time noting that “they all use them without any fat payments from us.” For those who might not understand the dynamics of tour sponsorships, can you elaborate on this point?
It is still a little-known fact that, in order to entice players to use your products, the easiest way to build loyalty is with the almighty dollar. Now, I am not saying that I blame any player for using a putter from one of the larger companies and taking money for it. After all, they are professionals. What the average person should note, however, is that when a player is using a putter and the putter company does not pay them to do so, it must be for reasons that make them believe that they will be able to compete better.

Thank you, Blair! Stay tuned for PutterZone.com’s review of the Yes! Dawn putter.

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  1. I would be interested to know how many of the PGA stars are getting paid by Scotty Cameron. Something like 25% of putters on tour are Scotties and I doubt that he pays many in $$$. He does treat them like rock stars and probably gifts them custom putters by the basket, but $$$$. I doubt it.

  2. Scotty actually past many of the guys. It’s the Titleist business model. That’s why you never see any advertising for Scotty. all his dollars are sunk into PR and Tour. Look at the other tours where Scotty doesn’t pay, Japan, Champions, LPGA. He has very little usage.

  3. I have seen the European Tour Stats for putters and what most amazed me is that Yes had such a great amount of players using that putter.

    At most of the events, Yes! was at least third if not second in the counts. That for me is enough to prove that Tour Players play these Yes! putters because they are good putters.

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