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Nickent Tour Prototype Milled Putters Have Arrived

Nickent Tour Prototype Milled Putter

Nickent Golf is set to make a splash in the putter category with its new Nickent Tour Prototype Milled putter line.
The Tour Prototype Milled putters will be available for purchase on the Nickent web site starting next Tuesday. The price is $179, which sounds like a sweet deal for a 100-percent milled carbon steel putter. 
Each Nickent Tour Prototype Milled putter is milled from 8620 carbon steel for “precision and the ultimate in solid feel.” They feature a proprietary face insert with “Alternative Groove Technology,” which is milled from anodized 7075 aluminum to produce “an extremely true roll with a soft feel.”

The five new Nickent putter models include two heel-toe blades (MP/01 and MP/02), a Zing-style putter (MP03), a mid mallet (MP/04) and a softtail design (MP/05, pictured here). Each of the models is fairly traditional in look, offering a stark contrast to Nickent’s edgy PIPE putters. 

The standard loft of the Nickent Tour Prototype Milled putters is 3 degrees, and the available lengths range from 33 to 36 inches. The head weight on all models is 345 grams.

According to Nickent, the putters will be made in “very small quantities,” so don’t expect to see an abundance of them at your local chain retailer. 

P.S. Stay tuned for PutterZone.com’s review of the new Nickent Tour Prototype Milled putter.

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