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Quick Hit: PING iWi D66 Putter

PING iWi D66 Putter

In advance of its 50th anniversary this year, PING recently launched its iWi putters featuring classic PING designs with a twist—customizable weighting technology. The PING iWi D66 putter comes with a pair of 12-gram steel weights inserted into ports in the heel and toe. An optional weight kit includes pairs of 20-gram and 28-gram tungsten weights that can be mixed and matched to suit personal preference. The iWi putters also feature a stainless-steel face insert with a soft elastomer backing. 

The D66 is a beautiful design, beefy without being bulky. The iWi series’ customizable weighting technology can make a substantial difference in the behavior of the putter as it relates to your personal mechanics. The face insert is tight and firm, offering vivid feedback. 

The optional weight kit is rather pricey at $69, but the ability to fine-tune the putter’s weighting can result in lower scores. 

Who’s It For?
Golfers with an arcing stroke who want to tinker with head weight and weight distribution.

Final Word
The PING iWi D66 merges high technology with rock-solid looks and performance, resulting in excellent playability.  

Street Price: $169
Head Weight: 345 grams to 377 grams (adjustable) 
Lie Angle: Customizable at point of purchase
Loft: Customizable at point of purchase
Length: 33 to 36 inches 
Toe Hang: Varies depending on weight distribution
Material:  17-4 stainless steel with 304 stainless steel insert
Included Accessories: Head cover 
Optional Accessories: Custom weighting kit ($69)

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