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Rife Putters Roll to Victory

Rife 2 Bar Blade putter

Rife Putters continues its dominance on the Champions Tour as Keith Fergus wielded a Rife 2 Bar blade putter to victory on Sunday at the Cap Cana Championship.

As the self-proclaimed “number one putter on the Champions Tour,” Rife regularly counts up to 20 putters in play at any given Champions Tour event. According to Rife, the company doesn’t pay a dime of sponsorship money. Instead, players bag Rife putters on performance alone. 

The Rife 2 Bar blade, which was released three years ago, features Rife’s LieAline self-fitting lie angle technology; two backweighted bars with adjustable weighting; and RollGroove face grooves designed to impart quick topspin. 

Rife is now set to release its new Rife IMO putter in April. In an interview with PutterZone.com, Rife President Matt Molloy stated that the IMO (for Inline Momentum) line “is based on the premise that most golfers don’t benefit from ultra high MOI putters, because their miss-hits aren’t far enough off center to take advantage of the technology.” 

Therefore, instead of distributing the bulk of its weight to the perimeters of the putter, the IMO putter has 80 percent of its mass lined up directly behind the sweet spot. 

The Rife IMO putter has already “raised eyebrows” on tour, Molloy said. And, indeed, Jesper Parnevik raised some eyebrows when he shot 61 with the IMO in hand the Bob Hope Classic earlier this year. 

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  1. I am surprised how popular has become this putter, is perfect for a great tournament.

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