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SuperStroke Putter Grips Have New Bite

K.J. Choi's SuperStroke Putter Grip

Tiger Shark Golf recently gobbled up a big fish in the putter grip ocean by acquiring SuperStroke, maker of the oversized grip most famously seen in the hands of K.J. Choi. 

According to Tiger Shark, the company is now planning a third—and lighter—SuperStroke model to join the existing Classic and ProLine designs. Tiger Shark has also just started offering SuperStroke grips as an upgrade on its Tiger Shark putters. 

Tiger Shark is most known for producing value-conscious golf clubs, including putters that typically fall in the $59 to $79 price range. Tiger Shark is also no stranger to the oversized grip business, as its Jumbo putter grips have sold more than 1 million units. 

“We are now offering SuperStroke as an upgrade on our current and future Tiger Shark putters, including our new Jim Flood-designed putters and our GreenSpeed and Great White putters,” says Tiger Shark’s Jon Claffey. “We will continue selling the SuperStroke grips individually, too, so consumers can attach them to their own putters.”

The SuperStroke ProLine models cost $39 and the SuperStroke Classic models cost $29. However, as upgrades to Tiger Shark putters, the ProLine grips add just $20 to the cost of the putter. K.J. Choi’s putter grip is the SuperStroke Classic Grip. 

SuperStroke grips aim to relax the hands, inhibit wrist breakdown and engage the shoulders for a smoother, more consistent putting stroke. The grips feature a unique taper-free design, and they can be adjusted up and down with a spacer rod to change the length of the putter. SuperStroke grips can also be rotated around the shaft, allowing the golfer to place the flat side of the grip in one of three positions—face up, against the right palm, or against the left palm. 

On another note, Tiger Shark is set to release its new RAP putters—for Reverse Axis Position—this summer. The putters are designed by Jim Flood, the founder of Odyssey Putters who joined Tiger Shark in 2008. The Reverse Axis Position putters are loosely based on Flood’s distinctive Bass Ackwards putters, which caused a bit of a stir back in the day. The new putters will cost between $99 and $129. 

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  1. I cant believe people use these grips. Although, I can definitely understand the benefit if you can get used to them. Cool article!

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  2. Putters and putting exemplify the familiar saying: Different strokes for different folks. No other club inspires so much personal variation in both equipment and mechanics.

  3. hey kj i met you in texas on the moive set 7 days in Utopia my name is cody i rode in the golf cart with you bye

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