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Quick Hit: Nike OZ Putter 2009

Nike OZ Putter 2009

Nike Golf’s value-priced OZ series putters have undergone an extreme makeover for 2009, including a new kelly green face insert. Also, two traditionally styled blades now accompany the futuristic OZ mallets. The new Nike OZ 2 blade borrows from the classic softtail design popularized by T.P. Mills. It features a matte black finish with dual sightlines on the crown to assist with squaring the face. The lightweight polymer insert aims to redistribute weight to the perimeters for enhanced forgiveness.  

The Nike OZ 2 blade is a true beauty at address, with clean flowing lines and a quiet confidence. Nike avoids the common mistake of cluttering the lower portion of the grip with bright colors and logos, further enhancing the putter’s visual calm. The ball rolls sharply off the face. The grip and included head cover do justice to the price point. 

While the words “polymer insert” typically imply a soft feel, the insert on the new OZ putters is quite firm and clicky. Some will like the edgy green face, while others will find it gaudy. 

Who’s It For?
Golfers on a budget with an arcing stroke and an affinity for the softtail design.

Final Word
The Nike OZ 2 blade delivers solid performance for the price, especially for those who aren’t too picky about feel.

Street Price: $99
Head Weight: UTD
Lie Angle: 71 degrees
Loft: 3 degrees
Length: 33 to 35 inches
Toe Hang: Half past 4 o’clock
Material: Cast steel with polymer insert
Included Accessories: Head Cover

Stay tuned for PutterZone.com’s comprehensive review of the Nike OZ 2 putter. 

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