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TaylorMade Introduces Spider Balero Putter

TaylorMade Spider Balero Putter

TaylorMade continues to spin its short-game web with the upcoming release of the TaylorMade Rossa Monza Spider Balero putter, which joins the original Spider and Itsy Bitsy Spider in the growing family of Spider putters.

TaylorMade will release the Spider Balero putter on May 21 for a suggested retail price of $149, which is $50 less than the original Spider and the Itsy Bitsy Spider. You first heard about the Balero here on PutterZone.com back in January

The Balero is billed as “a large mallet that combines the forgiveness and feel of the Monza Spider with a uniquely shaped head that makes it dramatically easier to aim the clubface correctly.”

Like earlier Spider models, the Balero boasts high MOI for enhanced forgiveness. It also includes TaylorMade’s proprietary AGSI grooved face insert, which is designed to put a truer roll on the ball. 

Where the Balero really stands out is in its alignment features, including a “ball in cup” visual cue that consists of a ball-sized cutout in the flange that is visually embraced in a cup-sized semicircle. According to TaylorMade, this feature “provides a visual cue that makes it incredibly simple to line up the clubface with the intended line.”  

For the past few years, it seemed like $250 and above was the hottest price point in putters, with putter companies racing to join the ultra-premium category. This year, it’s the $149 price point that’s sizzling with the TaylorMade Spider Balero putter, Never Compromise X-Ray putters and Rife IMO putters, all of which are being released later this month. 

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