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Quick Hit: Heavy Putter MID-WEIGHT K4

John Daly with Heavy Putter

John Daly’s brash trousers and persistent Twittering are generating headlines these days, but so are his resurgent game and imminent return to the PGA Tour. Daly’s new performance weapon is the Heavy Putter MID-WEIGHT K4 by Boccieri Golf, which he says has helped shorten and sweeten his stroke. After switching to the K4, Daly promptly finished second at the Italian Open. The secret to the Heavy Putter isn’t just its heavy head, but also a counterweight in the shaft that raises the balance point of the putter. The new MID-WEIGHT putters shave 150 grams off the total weight of the original Heavy Putters for a slightly lighter touch.

The Heavy Putter MID-WEIGHT K4 packs a lot—dare we say a ton?—of innovation into a sleek visual package. By courting the average golfer with a little less weight and little more tradition in the aesthetics department, Boccieri Golf has taken the Heavy Putter to the next level with the MID-WEIGHT series. The heavy head still offers ample stability, while the counterweight in the shaft brings it all into balance, promoting a smooth, steady stroke.

Even the MID-WEIGHT series is going to be too heavy for some golfers. To say that the Heavy Putter is for everyone would probably be a stretch. Of course, saying any putter or club is for everyone would be a stretch.

Who’s It For?
Golfers who seek added stability in their stroke, and especially golfers who were on the fence about earlier Heavy Putter models.

Final Word
Boccieri Golf has a hit on its hands with the MID-WEIGHT series, proving the old adage that less is often more.

Street Price: $169
Head Weight: 400 grams (shaft counterweight brings total weight to 750 grams)
Lie Angle: 70 degrees
Loft: 3 degrees
Length: 32 to 36 inches
Toe Hang: Half past 4 o’clock
Material: Cast stainless steel with milled face
Included Accessories: Head Cover

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  1. Wow it seems with this putter golf players could have a better game, this tool allows a good hit with precision and aim.

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