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The Fringe: Antigua Desert Dry Review

The notion of placing the word “technology” in the same sentence as “shirt” seems patently absurd, doesn’t it?

But then again, there was a time when “putter technology” or “shoe technology” would have seemed equally laughable. And now look at you, Mr. Interchangeable Tungsten Weight Putter Guy and Mrs. Shock-Absorbing Waterproof Golf Shoe Gal. The times, they are a changin’, indeed.

Which brings us to the Desert Dry line of golf apparel by Antigua. The Desert Dry polos claim to reside at the cutting edge of—you guessed it—“shirt technology.” Ha, ha, ha, you say? Well, Antigua gets the last laugh with these high-tech garments.

Under The Hood
Antigua describes Desert Dry as a “moisture wicking technology designed to absorb and wick moisture quickly and evenly to achieve the most efficient evaporation possible.” The fabric’s “air flow system” enhances breathability, reducing body temperature during exertion. The underarms also feature “antibacterial” fabric inserts.

-Available at golf pro shops across the country as well as online
-Often feature custom embroidery for golf courses and golf events
-Desert Dry apparel comes in a variety of styles and sizes for men and women
-100-percent polyester construction
-Do not wash with fabric softeners—they clog the pores of the material
-No batteries or assembly required (just kidding)
-Shirt price averages $65

Why It Rocks
We put Antigua’s Desert Dry technology to the test near PutterZone.com’s headquarters in the “coastal desert” of California, where the sun was sizzling by late morning. Yet by the end of the round, we were still feeling relatively cool—and looking cool, too (if we do say so ourselves).

Indeed, the proof of the shirt’s promise wasn’t in some magical and unrealistic sensation of personal air conditioning, but in the fact that the fabric wasn’t clinging and grabbing, which are the telltale signs of sweat retention. At the end of the round, we felt fresh and snappy.

The added fabric panels sewn into the interior underarms were the clincher. We’re not sure just how “antibacterial” they really are, but they do a great job of fending off those pesky deodorant stains that can afflict, ahem, certain golfers.

The Final Word
Antigua’s Desert Dry apparel delivers a comfortable solution to the sweaty, grabby behavior of lesser shirts. If you want to stay dry while still looking cool as you head toward the 19th hole, this is the fabric for you.

About The Fringe
The Fringe is where PutterZone.com roams “beyond the green” in search of golf’s hottest new gear. This bi-weekly series is reserved for products that truly earn the spotlight by demonstrating superior quality and ingenuity.

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