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The Fringe: Sumi-G Head Cover Review

The common head cover almost seems intentionally designed to infuriate.

Like a python trying to swallow a pig, you must first yank the sock over the head of your 460cc driver, pulling and tugging until it finally jerks into place. If you’re lucky, it goes on straight. If not, more tugging and aggravation ensue as you curse under your breath.

But now you have a more enlightened alternative, one that won’t force you to swallow a pig or wash your mouth out with soap: the inventive head cover by a new company called Sumi-G.

Sumi-G Head Cover

Under The Hood
The name Sumi-G is a play on the Asian art form of black ink painting, which emphasizes clean, elegant lines and focused serenity. According to the company, “Sumi-G translates the spirit of the Sumi-E art form as inspiration for stylish and smart golf products…Our philosophy is uncomplicated: create simple, useful, and elegant products for the avid golfer.” The head cover features a mechanical closure that embraces the head and snaps onto the shaft.

-Unique mechanical closure
-Rigid exoskeleton protects both club and shaft
-Easy to pick up from ground with club
-Convenient one-handed operation
-$28, $32 or $38 suggested retail price (per hybrid, fairway wood and driver models)

Why It Rocks
The Sumi-G is like the iPod of head covers, a triumph of form as well as function. It literally reinvents the head cover category with admirable inventiveness and artful execution.

Let’s start with function. Hard shell shaft protection—check. Hard shell head protection—check. Ease of use—double check. You can literally snap this thing onto your driver in one second flat. No joke.

If you’re so inclined, you can even leave the cover on the ground, hit your shot, and then slip it back on by simply reinserting the club head mid-stride as you walk back toward your bag.

The active ingredient is a little swivel pocket that hugs the club head. When you remove the club, the pocket swivels upward for easy extraction. When you slip the club back into the pocket, it swivels back down to nestle the head within the outer hard shell.

The Sumi-G head cover is an aesthetic achievement as well, offering clean lines, crisp logo embroidery and a stylish metal Sumi-G emblem that adds just the right amount of flash to the presentation.

The Final Word
Wow! Sumi-G sets the new standard in hard-shell head covers, combining ingenious construction with remarkable ease of use.

About The Fringe
The Fringe is where PutterZone.com roams “beyond the green” in search of golf’s hottest new gear. This bi-weekly series is reserved for products that truly earn the spotlight by demonstrating superior quality and ingenuity.

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  1. The Sumi-G looks so thick for the putter but maybe it may add a better effect to the ball when is hit.

  2. The Sumi-G looks so thick for the putter but maybe it may add a better effect to the ball when is hit.

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