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The Fringe: Bushnell Tour V2 Rangefinder Review

The whole point of recreational golf is to get out of the office and away from your computer, right?

Which brings us to those new GPS-powered handheld yardage devices. Sure, they are helpful. Yes, they are fancy. But they are also computers. They come with USB cables and power cords. They require subscriptions or, at a minimum, course mapping download fees. They can also be prone to technological quirks and glitches.

Enter the Bushnell Tour V2, a laser-powered riff on the classic rangefinder. You pull it out of the box, install the included battery and off you go. Easy as pie. No cords, no cables and no downloads. And it works anywhere, at all times. Just like a computer—not!

Bushnell Tour V2 rangefinder

Under The Hood
The Bushnell Tour V2 is conveniently small and light, measuring four inches long and weighing in at just 6.6 ounces. Nevertheless, it manages to pack a serious performance punch, offering accurate yardage as well as substantial mangification.

-Single hand vertical operation
-Provides instantaneous measurements in yards and/or meters
-Delivers accurate range performance to +/- one yard
-Range is 5 to 1000 yards
-PinSeeker mode zeroes in on flag
-5x magnification
-In-view LCD Display
-Multi-coated optics for clarity and brightness
-$300 average retail

Why It Rocks
The Tour V2 combines the simplicity of a traditional rangefinder with Bushnell’s cutting-edge PinSeeker technology, resulting in a profoundly easy-to-use device that precisely delivers the yardage goods.

To determine your yardage, you simply press the power button, look through the 5x magnified eyepiece and visually align the embedded crosshairs with your intended target. Then you release the button and voila—you have your yardage.

The V2 works beautifully with a wide array of targets. You can aim and bounce the laser off of trees, bunkers, berms and, of course, the flag. The V2 comes with an advanced PinSeeker mode, which visually “acquires” the flag amid competing background targets.

The V2 comes with a nifty case that can be attached to your golf bag or belt. It’s also small enough to conveniently squeeze into your pocket.

The Bushnell V2 isn’t cheap, but you get what you pay for. In this case, you pay for accuracy, as cheaper rangefinders are known for giving questionable feedback. We ultimately found the V2 to be slick, quick and reliable—which is exactly what’s needed when you’re on the clock and needing to decide between a six iron or a seven iron.

The Final Word
If you want to take the guesswork out of your yardage without tethering yourself to fees and cables, the Bushnell Tour V2 rangefinder is hard to beat.

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