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Odyssey White Ice Putters Coming Soon

Odyssey White Ice PutterOdyssey Golf is teeing up a new line of putters for 2010 under the banner of Odyssey White Ice.

According to Odyssey, the development of the White Ice putters was guided by active input from Odyssey staffers on the PGA Tour and other professional circuits. The White Ice putters will replace the White Hot XG line.

The new White Ice face inserts promise improved responsiveness and audio feedback, particularly when used with softer balls. A black nickel “stealth” finish brings a sleek look to the line, which is composed of the 1, 7, 9, Rossie and Sabertooth (pictured here) models.

Look for the Odyssey White Ice putters starting on November 15, 2009 at a street price of $129. At that price, the White Ice putters will likely produce red-hot sales.


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  1. No 330? That sucks.

  2. Not yet, anyway, from what I've heard. I imagine the line will extend at some point.

  3. Also surprised to not see the F7 on the list… I thought that was a hugely popular putter for them? Maybe all of the 2ball line will come later?

  4. Either that or I have incomplete information. I'll check on it!

  5. Hi, Ben, I have confirmed that additional models will be introduced under the White Ice banner in 2010, but no specifics beyond that.

  6. Do you know if any will be Lefthanded.


  7. I checked with Odyssey, they say, yes, left handed versions will be available!

  8. I have searched the internet, even the odyssey site. I was hoping to get a pre-order a club. Do you know which places or if anyone is going offer a pre-order.

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