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The Fringe: Ruletwentyone Towel Review

So you’ve just hit one of those made-for-television approach shots, your ball spinning down from the heavens, biting the green and rolling back to within 10 feet of the hole.

Now you have a crucial birdie putt, but when you walk up to your ball, you see that its dimples are caked in mud. Now what, Tiger? You look around for your caddie—wait, you’ve never had a caddie. You peer down at your nice tan golfing slacks…Nah. You glance over at your bag and towel that you left on the far side of the sand trap. Nope, too far away.

So instead of focusing on your putt, you hurry over to the fringe and desperately try to wipe your ball clean on the grass before it’s your turn. Nice going, champ. If only you’d had a Ruletwentyone towel in your pocket…

Under The Hood
Ruletwentyone by RuleGolf is a two-sided pocket towel made of absorbent bamboo terry cloth with a waterproof shell. Before your round, you soak the towel in water, then wring it out. The terry cloth stays moist, but the shell quickly dries. The towel is fastened and folded in such a way that it can be placed in your back pocket with only the dry waterproof side touching your pants.

-Allows you to conveniently clean your ball while reading your putt
-Allows you to clean your club when away from your bag
-Bamboo terry cloth stays moist for an entire round
-Tucks into your back pocket
-Waterproof exterior ensures that pants and hands stay dry
-11 inches long, four inches wide
-Available in a variety of colors
-$10 retail price

Why It Rocks
The Ruletwentyone towel is pure genius, as it affordably and stylishly solves a common golfing problem. It sits in your palm and buffs your ball while you focus on your putt, and the waterproof shell ensures that your hands stay dry. It’s easy to use, easy to carry and easy to clean at the end of your round.

The fixed plastic clip at the top of the towel ensures that it never loses its fold. The clip also weights the top and help keeps the towel secure in your back pocket. If you don’t like the sensation of a towel hanging out of your back pocket, you can simply roll it up and place it in your front pocket.

Truly, whatever you’ve done until now to clean your ball on the green pales in comparison to the convenience and effectiveness of this innovative little towel.

The Final Word
Get one—now. You won’t be disappointed. You will be enlightened.

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