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The Scoop on New Slotline Putters

Slotline 600 Series Putter

Slotline Golf is set to unveil a new line of putters—and PutterZone.com has the first look.

The new Slotline putters fall under the banner of the 600 Series, and they will be released on November 1 at a retail price
of $179.

The 600 Series consists of the SSi-691 (pictured here) and SSi-692 blades, and the SSi-693 mid-mallet (pictured below). Each putter features a tri-milled 6061 aluminum face insert as well as 15-gram tungsten plugs in the heel and toe for heightened MOI. The total head weight is 360 grams.

Slotline Putter

Slotline product manager Chad Lehr told PutterZone.com: “The vision of the new line was to create a high-performance putter that appealed to a wider segment of golfers. The feedback we have received from the Champions Tour players was the inspiration behind the design. They liked the technology that the 300 Series putters offered, but requested a heavier head with a softer feel. The head weight of the 600 Series is set at 360 grams and the 6061 milled aluminum face insert provides a softer, yet very solid feel that still provides feedback at impact. The combination of a heavier head, 30 grams of Tungsten in the sole and the aluminum face insert resulted in a 15 percent increase in MOI over the 300 Series.”

Slotline Golf has been on a roll since being re-launched last year. Slotline was once a giant in the putter industry, ranking only third behind PING and Titleist in total sales in the late 1980s, and known for making some of the game’s best putters. The brand later fell on hard times, but was acquired by Dynamic Brands in 2007, at which point Lehr and company quickly set the rebirth of Slotline putters into motion.

The new 600 Series putters are heavier and generally smaller that last year’s Slotline putter releases, which had 340-gram heads that tended to be on the larger size. The nickel finish is also a departure from the black finish of the earlier models.

Stay tuned for the PutterZone.com review of the new Slotline 600 putters.

P.S. For more on the Slotline story and mission, read PutterZone.com’s interview with Chad Lehr.

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  1. My problem with Slotline's putters is that the alignment aid is useless. It needs to be big and obvious… not a 1/8" notch.

  2. I think it's different strokes for different folks. Personally, I like the subtlety of it. It's similar to Rife's notch, and works for me.

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