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Vegas Recap: Best Putters, Hottest Gear

PutterZone.com is back from the PGA Fall Expo at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, the annual showcase for golf’s hottest new gear and a preview of what’s coming for 2010.

What happens in Vegas usually stays there, but not this time.

Below are the highlights we discovered while roaming the aisles of this virtual toy store for golfers:

The exuberant Aussies behind Piranha Golf revealed their brand-new Piranha Putter, which features a hefty 450-gram head weight while maintaining a svelte, classic profile. Stay tuned at PutterZone.com for more information on this exciting new entry into the U.S. market.

Blair Philip, director of research and development of Yes! Golf, revealed two new prototype blade putters. He swore us to secrecy on the specifics, but let’s just say that these two putters will open some wallets on looks alone. Wow!

STX Putters unveiled its new ProFit 4 and ProFit 5 putters featuring three interchangeable faces ranging from ultra-soft to firm. The ProFit 5 putter (pictured here) also offers custom weighting. These putters boast a rock-solid profile with a hint of industrial chic. Look for them soon, and stay tuned for the PutterZone.com review.

Utopia Golf made its debut with its Utopia putters featuring a horizontal face ridge designed to impart instant forward roll. This ridge is a radical departure from the traditional putter face, but seemed to deliver the goods in limited testing. Utopia Putters also earned the “Best New Product” title at the show.

Spherical Blade putters showcased its diverse line of S-Blade putters, all featuring a convex curved face designed to strike the ball just above its equator for immediate topspin. They also showed off their smart PerfectaPutt training accessory. This spool-like device catches only those balls that are putted with proper accuracy and speed. Very cool.

The Putting Lane is a unique new practice aid that helps you focus on the process of putting. You set it down in line with your putt about one foot in front of the ball. An alignment line along the top helps you get square to the target. Then you putt the ball through the device, giving you the mental picture of a one-foot putt on longer putts, thus inspiring consistency and confidence.

Sumi-G showed off its magnificent line of ultra-smart golf gear. It’s hard to put into words just how artful and practical the Sum-G products are. From divot tools to head covers, golf shoe totes to money clips, every Sumi-G product solves a common golfing problem with remarkable style and craftsmanship.

RuleGolf showcased its RuleTwentyOne “waterproof back-pocket towel,” which is made for cleaning your muddy ball after an approach shot to the green. Trust us, this is one kick-ass invention. Bravo! Stay tuned for the PutterZone.com review.

Golfactor offered its new Golfactor belt featuring a removable magnetic divot tool and magnetic ball marker within the buckle for nice three-in-one convenience.

The Flip n’ Go push cart seemed similar to the popular Clicgear folding cart, but with a fourth wheel for added stability and ease of navigation. We saw a prototype with stand-in wheels, but it looks like a very promising entry into the tight-folding push cart category.

The duo behind Quagmire Golf showed off their stylish golf attire that’s “not fit for the fairway.” In other words, this is clothing that looks sharp anywhere, anytime.

Sol Sunguard offered samples of its golf-specific sunscreen. Trust us, this is no gimmick. It solves three common problems that golfers experience with mainstream sunscreens: stinging eyes, oily hands and stained clothing. We rubbed some right in our eyes to no ill effect.

The PGA Fall Expo was ultimately a reminder that there’s still plenty of room for true innovation and enthusiasm in the world of golf products. Just when you think it’s all been done before, along comes something fresh that opens your eyes. Kudos to the inventors who put their heart and soul into creating products that aim to raise our collective game.

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  1. I was at the show and tested all of these putters. Utopia had the best product by far. I have already purchaced four and promised them that I would tell everyone I new about it. Best putter I have ever owned.

  2. Across from Utopia was the Piranha Golf company from Australia and those guys were a real hoot, they had only one putter and it was real cool, i bought one of the prototypes they had and it is a treat to putt, not to mention i will get a set of the V-Blades when are released here in Texas.

  3. I was also at the show in Vegas. The guys from Utopia Golf were really excited about thier line of putters, and with good reason. What a great idea and a great looking club. I am definatly buying one.

  4. The aspect of the Piranha putter those crazy Aussies had was it was not only great on the green but also off the short rough and fringe. I used it on the demonstration day for many putts and I love it. Because of its bulk and shape it creates an almost frictionless movement off the green, meaning more times than not you can take some risk out of your next shot. There was nothing so good in an all round sense.

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