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As The Putter World Turns

Some PGA Tour professionals, like Tiger Woods and Zach Johnson, are monogamous when it comes to putters. Others, like Sergio Garcia, are serial philanderers.

Most, however, fall somewhere in between. They are committed, but not married, to their putters. At some point, the eye will wander, and a new fling will suddenly end up in the bag. Quite often, the player eventually returns to his old flame, chastened and contrite.

Which brings us to Stewart Cink, who famously wielded the new Nike Method putter to win the British Open, but who was also no slouch when using the Yes! Lizzy Plus putter earlier this year. Will Stewart pop the question to the Nike Method, or will Lizzy get her man back?

Complicating matters is the latest issue of Sports Illustrated, which features a full-page photo of Cink’s bag in the Teeing Off section of its Golf Plus insert. There she is, the Lizzy! But the caption reads: Nike Method Prototype. Oops!

So is it just an old photo with an erroneous caption? Or is Cink still fooling around with Lizzy? The inquiring minds and PutterZone.com want to know.

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  1. This is awesome. I wonder if a man's behavior with his putter(s) is any reflection of the way he is with women. ;o)

  2. If so, Sergio Garcia is one busy dude!

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