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New Slotline SKM Series Putters

Slotline SKM PuttersSlotline Golf is set to release new generation of putters under the banner of the Slotline SKM Series, and PutterZone is excited to offer an exclusive sneak peek at these gorgeous sticks.

The Slotline SKM putters will be available starting November 1 for $179.

The three models are the SSi-691 blade with a plumber’s neck, the similar SSi-692 blade (pictured above) with a slant neck, and the SSi-693 mid mallet (pictured above and below) with a slant neck.

Each SKM Series putter features 15-gram tungsten plugs in the heel and toe of the sole for enhanced MOI. The total head weight is a hefty 360 grams on each putter. The loft is 3 degrees and the lie angle is 71 degrees.

These putters are real lookers with their “tin-nickel” plated finish, gold 6061 aluminum “tri-milled” insert, and white, black and gold paintfill.

You can see more photos of the Slotline SKM Series putters on PutterZone.com’s Facebook page (please become a “Facebook fan” to while you’re at it!). For more on the Slotline story, read PutterZone.com’s interview with Slotline’s Chad Lehr.

On looks alone, Slotline appears to have a hit on its hands with the SKM putters. After initial testing, we can say that they offer a sweet feel to match the looks, too.

Stay tuned for PutterZone.com’s full Slotline SKM putter reviews.

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  1. The SKM Putters looks terrific and perfect for playing at night haha, does it have light???

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