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The Fringe: Vireo-S3 Tee Review

It’s easy to get rushed or flustered when playing golf. It can happen when the ball just isn’t bouncing your way, or after you triple bogey a par three, or if there’s a group of hotshots behind you, standing in the fairway 150 yards away with their hands on their hips as you read your putt.

So there you find yourself on the next tee box with the driver in hand, and you see that you’ve teed the ball too low. So you back off, raise the tee and address the ball again. Now it looks too high, but your partners are getting impatient, and the clock is ticking. So you just go for it—only to watch the ball fly as high as it does far.

Enter the Vireo-S3 tee by Evolve Golf, with its “depth insertion guides” that enable you to tee it up at the same height, every time. See ‘ya later, sky ball.

Under The Hood
Constructed from environmentally friendly materials, the Vireo-S3 features Evolve Golf’s “Sweet Spot System,” which shows the proper tee height for consistent alignment between the golf ball and the driver’s sweet spot. A corresponding application on Evolve Golf’s web site enables you to find the perfect tee height for your model of driver.

-Depth insertion guides enable consistent tee height
-Complimentary web site application matches ideal tee height to individual driver models
-Made from eco-friendly recycled materials
-$5.95 for pack of 35 tees

Why It Rocks
This isn’t just another tee. It’s a tool that fosters consistency and confidence, one that can help you split the fairway and stay out of the woods.

The corresponding web application is easy to use, showing you how far to insert the tee so that the ball is vertically matched to the sweet spot of your driver model. Even if you like to tee it up a little lower or higher than the recommendation, the “depth insertion guides” on the stem give you a visual guidepost for consistently achieving the tee height of your choice.

Better yet, the Sweet Spot System will soon be seen on Evolve Golf’s sister Epoch tee, which seems to have an edge in durability.

The Final Word
The Vireo-S3 is the Prius of golf tees: smart, innovative and eco-friendly. The old wooden tee of yesteryear is a Model T by comparison.
About The Fringe
The Fringe is where PutterZone.com roams “beyond the green” in search of golf’s hottest new gear. This bi-weekly series is reserved for products that truly earn the spotlight by demonstrating superior quality and ingenuity.

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Sean Weir is the founder and editor of PutterZone.com, and the author of Putter Perfection, the definitive guide to putter fitting. Profile: Google+

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