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Quick Hit: Yes! Dawn Putter

Yes Dawn Putter

Released earlier this year, the Dawn putter aims to be the crown jewel of the Yes! Golf portfolio.

The folks at Yes! say that no stone went unturned in the pursuit of quality, from the core material to the design specifications to the grip. The result is an impressive stick that firmly establishes Yes! in the elite ultra-premium putter category.

The look of the Yes! Dawn putter is sleek, clean and confident. Pure strikes are rewarded with a thick, juicy resonance in the hands and ears, courtesy of the forged steel composition as well as Yes’s signature C-Groove face. The stock Iomic black grip and corresponding black magnetic-closure head cover do justice to the price point as well as the overall presentation of the putter.

The Yes! Dawn will take bite out of your wallet, but it will likely stay in your bag for years.

Who’s It For?
Golfers who seek superior materials and craftsmanship in an Anser-style putter, and who don’t mind investing in the next level of quality.

Final Word
The Dawn putter by Yes! Golf is one of the finest blades on the market, hands down.

Street Price: $299
Head Weight: 345 grams
Lie Angle: 72 degrees
Loft: 2.5 degrees
Length: 32 to 37 inches
Toe Hang: 4:30
Material: Forged and Milled 303 Stainless Steel
Included Accessories: Head Cover

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  1. I hit this at Golfsmith the other day. I had actually gone in to look at the Lizzy, which they didn't have, so I hit everything they had. I ended up with the Nicky. Every Yes! putter I tried felt wonderful, but the Nicky seems to work some magic with my stroke. I actually thought the Callie felt a little better than the Dawn, but I prefer a heavier head.

  2. I see you're still flirting with the other Yes! ladies!

    I like the Nicky, too. Great choice for those who love classic toe-down blade. I found the feel on the Nicky to be very soft, almost glassy. Not squishy soft, but almost like it flows right through the ball.

  3. Yeah, as much as I like the look and feel of the Valerie, I was constantly pushing and pulling with it. Every time I go hit putters, I always like the feel of Yes! and Rife the best. The Dawn was no exception, but a little out of my price range and a little too light.

    I was actually a little surprised that I liked the Nicky as I never liked the Sophia. I had it narrowed down to the Nicky, Callie (the forged with the bronze grooves), Rife Abaco, and Cleveland Classics #2.

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