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The Fringe: Bushnell Golf FXi Review

It’s that crazy time of year when Mother Nature likes to taunt golfers.

For example, here in coastal California, we have been dealing with meteorological whiplash for the past month—sun, rain, freezing, hot!

Meanwhile, in Denver, they just had one of the coldest and snowiest Octobers on record. But look for sun and a high of nearly 70 degrees in Denver this Thursday. Go figure.

For the average golfer trying to plan that precious round of golf amid the myriad responsibilities of work and family, the prospect of bad weather can be maddening. Sure, the weather prognosticators aren’t perfect, but they are all we’ve got, and it can pay to pay attention to them when planning your next round.

Enter the Golf FXi by Bushnell, which makes following the weather at your favorite golf courses wickedly easy as well as surprisingly fun.

Under The Hood
The Bushnell Golf FXi comes with companion software and a wireless USB transmitter. You set it up by first installing the software on your PC. Once installed, the software sends updated AccuWeather.com information wirelessly to the Golf FXi unit every 30 minutes (the software also offers a desktop window with the same readings as the unit itself). You can store settings for up to five favorite golf courses and toggle between them with a simple click of a button on the Golf FXi unit. Note: the Golf FXi is for home use. It is not a handheld device.

AccuWeather.com information sent via wireless USB transmitter connected to the user’s PC (300 foot wireless range)
-Offers real-time readings for up to five favorite golf courses
-Offers weather data for more than 16,000 U.S. golf courses
-Multi-colored back light corresponds to current temperature
-Current, RealFeel® and forecasted high and low temperatures
-Morning, afternoon and evening forecasts for today and next three days
-Extended forecast for up to seven days
-UV index, chance of precipitation, wind speed and direction
-Alarm clock with snooze option
-Lightning alert
-AC or battery operated (4 AA, not included)
-Street price of $75

Why It Rocks
Is the Bushnell Golf FXi a necessity? Probably not. After all, you can easily access the basics of your local weather forecast for free, be it online or through your smartphone.

But hey, golf isn’t all about necessity, right? Let’s hear it for convenience. And in that department, the Golf FXi is fully loaded.

Indeed, Golf FXi has enough tricks up its sleeve to capture the heart of any weather-obsessed golfer. In one glance, at anytime, you can see it all: current temperature, projected high and low temperature for the day, wind speed and direction, UV index, and forecasts for up to seven days.

The convenience factor of the Golf FXi ultimately makes following the weather addictive and entertaining. You can even turn the Golf FXi into a daydream machine by selecting and viewing the current conditions of your favorite out-of-area course such as Pebble Beach or Augusta.

While it’s geared toward golf, the Golf FXi is useful for anyone in the family who wants to take a quick glance at the forecast. Do you have a vacation home, or do you hit the road to visit family on a regular basis? If you plug in the golf courses nearest to your regular destinations, you can get the local weather in a snap.

The Final Word
The Bushnell Golf FXi is a handy device that is both practical and entertaining for the weather-conscious golfer.

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