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2010 Power Picks: Elite Three Putters

PutterZone.com is excited to announce the 2010 PutterZone.com Power Picks this week, featuring our selections for the best putters of the year as we turn the corner toward 2010.

Over the past year, PutterZone.com has tested and reviewed numerous putters. Our annual Power Picks recognize what we consider the “best of the best” of the putters we have reviewed, based on the factors of performance, craftsmanship, technology, innovation and aesthetics.

We begin today with our Elite Three putters, signifying our three favorite putters of the year. We will continue later this week with our Best Buy putters of the year, signifying those putters that offer the most bang for your putting buck.

Without further ado, here are our Elite Three putters of the year (in random order):

Yes Dawn Putter

Yes Dawn ($299)

The Dawn putter by Yes! Golf is the best putter you’ve never heard of, as it has somehow flown below the hype radar. Truly, this putter just oozes awesomeness, from materials to feel to performance. The Dawn is a crowning achievement for Yes! Golf, one that ranks among the finest in the ultra-premium putter category.

Edoardo Molinari recently used the Dawn to win the World Cup of Golf, a victory that vaulted him into the top 50 players in the world rankings, earning him an invite to the Masters. So apparently we’re not the only ones who love the Yes! Dawn putter. P.S. You can buy it at the PutterZone.com Pro Shop.

Slotline 600 Series ($179)

The Slotline 600 Series loads the bases and knocks it out of the park with stunning looks and equally stunning feel. The three putters in this series (two blades and the mid-mallet pictured here) are the successors to the inaugural putters released last year by the reborn Slotline brand.

The hefty 360-gram head weight, tungsten perimeter sole plugs and tri-milled aluminum face insert combine for a uniquely high-performance putting experience.

SeeMore DB4 Putter

SeeMore DB4 ($325)

While the SeeMore DB4 won’t be released until January, we were fortunate enough to get our hands on a prototype, and it immediately ranked among out favorite putters of the year.

The DB4 putter introduces an ingenious reinterpretation of SeeMore’s RifleScope Technology (RST), which adapts the company’s signature alignment system to a classic offset hosel. With the DB4 putter, SeeMore once again delivers superior quality with an innovative twist.

P.S. Stay tuned for our Best Buy putter selections on the other side of the Christmas holiday, and bookmark PutterZone.com in the new year to get the lastest on the best putters of 2010.

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  1. I really want to try that Slotline 693 mallet even though I'm still loving the Yes! Nicky.

  2. Great putter, great overall value, too. Keep an eye out for it!

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