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A New Magazine for Golfers

We’ve heard of print media going online, but online media going to print? Well, that’s exactly what our friends over at The Hacker’s Paradise are doing.

PutterZone.com recently received the commemorative first edition of THP: The Magazine (now sold out), and we enjoyed its fine blend of golf equipment features, as well as its interview with PGA tour professional Charles Howell. Publisher Josh Babbitt says that the magazine will also feature a section dedicated to golf for women, as well as extensive apparel coverage.

The quarterly magazine will be launched for 2010 with subscriptions available soon via Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble online.

Are these guys crazy? We think they’re crazy like a fox. By focusing squarely on golf and golf equipment (as opposed to questionable golf tangents), they are giving golfers what they really want, in the magazine format that many people still enjoy.

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