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First Look: SeeMore DB-4 Putter

The SeeMore Putter Company is set to make waves in 2010 with an ingenious reinterpretation of its RifleScope Technology (RST), which adapts the company’s signature alignment system to a classic offset hosel.

The new RST2 system will be unveiled soon on a new Anser-style model called the DB-4, a prototype of which is pictured here.

On the original RST system, a blackened lower shaft visually intersects and hides a red dot on the putter crown. Two parallel white lines frame the shaft and serve as an indicator that the golfer is in perfect position to make a consistent and reliable stroke.

The new RST2 system adapts this concept to an offset, or plumber’s neck, hosel by moving the RST’s visual indicators from the crown of the putter to the top of the hosel (see the two white lines framing the shaft in the above photo). This system enables SeeMore to maintain its core alignment benefits while expanding its offerings to include the wildly popular Anser-style look.

According to SeeMore’s Jim Grundberg: “The golfer knows that when the two white lines are visible, that the putter is not open or closed, and that the putter is fixed in a neutral position where the loft of the putter head will be optimal for perfect roll on every putt. The golfer can also can be confident that by lining up the two white lines, and making sure the red is not visible, that his or her eyes and shoulders and hips will all be square to the intended target line.”

The limited-edition DB-4 “Private Reserve” prototype pictured here features a durable PVD black finish and retails $375 (milled from 11L17 carbon steel, 335 grams), while a flamed stainless steel version retails for $450. A regular production model in a platinum finish will be available starting in January for $325.

So what does “Private Reserve” signify?

According to SeeMore’s Ted Gallina, these limited-edition putters are made by the request of PGA Tour players and top amateurs. These players ask for specific finishes, sightlines and other features. Because SeeMore is a small company, they can’t afford to mill “one-off” heads. Rather, they have to make between 15 to 30 heads at a time. So when they commit to making a prototype for a player, the remaining heads go into SeeMore’s “vault,” where they classified as Private Reserve offerings. Because they cost more to make, they cost more to purchase, but the golfer is assured a truly unique putter crafted with the utmost attention to detail as well as the finest materials.

We can confirm that the Private Reserve putters live up to their billing, offering heirloom quality for the golfer who wants to invest in something truly special. As for the DB-4 putter with RST2, it’s clear that SeeMore has a winner on hits hands for 2010.

P.S. Stay tuned for a full review of the SeeMore DB-4 putter. For more photos of the SeeMore DB4 putter, visit PutterZone.com’s Facebook page.

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