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Boccieri Golf Unveils Heavy Wedge

Just yesterday, in previewing the new Heavy Putter Lite-Weight series for 2010, we remarked that inventor Stephen Boccieri likes to pull rabbits out of hats, and that his work for the year was likely not done.

Well, less than 24 hours later comes word of the new Heavy Wedge by Boccieri Golf, which incorporates the same counterweighting technology found in all Heavy Putters.

With the Heavy Wedge, a 65-gram weight is incorporated into the butt of the shaft, effectively raising the balance point of the club. The goal is to promote “distance control, tighter shot dispersion, acceleration through impact, smoother tempo and incredible feel on both full swing and greenside shots.”

The Heavy Wedge will be unveiled at the PGA Merchandise Show later this month, and should be available at retail for $109 starting in February.

Judging by the photos, this is one sharp-looking wedge. We’ll be interested to see how it handles.

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