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Preview: Heavy Putter Lite-Weight Series

Heavy Putter Lite Weight

The Heavy Putter continues to go on a diet with the upcoming release of the Lite-Weight series, which follows the MID-WEIGHT series that was introduced last year.

The Heavy Putter Lite-Weight putters by Boccieri Golf will be released next week at a street price of $119, making them an early candidate for 2010 “best buy” putter status.

The original Heavy Putters weigh a whopping total of 900 grams, while the MID-WEIGHT putters weigh 750 grams. The new Lite-Weight putters weigh a total of 600 grams (inclusive of a 375-gram head, grip, shaft and counterweight), which is light for a Heavy Putter, but still heavier than most.

Following is the scoop on the new putters, in the words of Boccieri Golf:

Heavy Putter Lite-Weight Series: “The addition of the ‘Lite’ line of putters is the natural evolution of the brand following the success of MID-WEIGHT Series. This increased selection gives players the opportunity to choose the ideal weighting scheme to suit their personal preference. That said, the ‘Lite’ Series maintains the proven technology that has made the Heavy Putter a popular choice. At 600 grams it is still heavier than virtually all other options on the market and incorporates the counterweighing in the grip that raises putter’s center of gravity, reducing the force on your wrists and hands and allowing them to remain passive throughout the stroke. This leads to far more consistent distance and directional control.”

The Lite-Weight series features for models that come in black PVD or silver satin finishes:

-Q2-L:Classic Anser-style toe-droop blade with a plumber’s neck hosel

-L3-L: Mid-sized mallet with a heel bent shaft (in the Rossie vein)

-M4-L (pictured above): Traditional 8802-style flanged blade with heel shaft and long hosel

-N1-L: Bullseye-style blade

The incorporation of the Heavy Putter technology within lighter, classically styled designs at an affordable price could be a magic combination for Boccieri Golf. And keep an eye on inventor Stephen Boccieri. His likes to pull rabbits out of hats, and we get the feeling that his work is not done for 2010.

Stay tuned to PutterZone.com this week as we continue our previews of 2010 putters that will be featured at the PGA Merchandise Show in January.

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  1. The Heavy Putter Brand is now a complete offering with three gradients of weight to suit the feel and performance of any player. I am very excited to obtain one of the new lightweight mallets, and the wedges would be a must have as well.


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