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The Fringe: Adidas Tour 360 4.0 Shoe Review

It’s easy to find a comfortable shoe. But a stylish comfortable shoe? Not so easy. For example, Ugg boots and Crocs are quite comfortable, but they’re hardly going to rival Armani in the style department.

The same goes for golf shoes, where style and comfort often exist independently of one another. Heck, Crocs even makes a golf shoe. Nothing wrong with that if you just want to flop around the course.
But if you want to earn style points, you’ve got to step it up. Enter the Adidas Tour 360 4.0 golf shoe, which offers exquisite form to match its beautiful function. Lace these puppies up and you’ll not only feel good, you’ll look plenty sharp, too.
Under The Hood
The Tour 360 4.0 shoe is the successor to the 3.0, and is billed as a tour-caliber shoe that incorporates the latest in performance technology.
-THiNtech low-profile technology to bring the golfer closer to the ground for improved performance
-PINS cleat system that is 32 percent lower than conventional cleats, lowering the golfer’s center of gravity
-FitFOAM polyurethane sock liner provides support, cushioning and comfort from heel to toe
-Unibody construction connects the heel counter and 360WRAP technology to the outsole for enhanced stability
-$179 retail price
Why It Rocks
The Adidas Tour 360 4.0 shoes are the perfect pair of kicks for the spring golf season, when spongy, cool and sometimes wet conditions require full support with ample protection from the elements.
And damn, do these things look sweet (the photo doesn’t do them justice). They offer a perfect blend of sporty sleekness and stylish grace, and are likely to catch the admiring eye of fellow golfers. It’s almost a shame to get them all muddy (especially the white model pictured here), but that’s the nature of the beast, and they do clean up quite nicely.
But where these shoes really shine is in matters of comfort and performance. Like its 3.0 predecessor, the 4.0 offers remarkable stability without feeling stiff or constricting. The support structure is superior, minimizing aches and pains even during the most grueling rounds. And the low-profile construction delivers on the promise of keeping you firmly centered and grounded.

Cost? A not-so-cheap $179. Your feet and back feeling fresh as you reach the final holes? Priceless.

The Final Word
If you’ve been saving up for a world-class, tour-caliber golf shoe, it’s time to pull the trigger on the Adidas Tour 360 4.0.

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