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Quick Hit: SeeMore DB4 Putter

SeeMore DB4 Putter

With its new DB4 putter, the SeeMore Putter Company reconfigures its RifleScope Technology (RST) alignment system to accommodate the most popular shape in putters: the Anser-style putter.

On the original RST system, the shaft visually hides a red dot on the rear of the putter crown while two parallel white lines frame the shaft, indicating that the golfer is in the correct position to make a consistent and reliable stroke.

The new RST2 system on the SeeMore DB4 putter moves the red dot from the head to the hosel, allowing for the same visual effect to be incorporated into the offset plumber’s neck of an Anser-style putter.

The inaugural SeeeMore DB4 putters come in a sleek black satin “gunmetal” finish. The new RST2 alignment system is both ingenious and unobtrusive, enabling the “hide the red dot” mantra to make a seamless transition to the Anser style. As with other SeeMore putters, the DB4 just oozes quality and attention to detail, and the lighter 335-gram head presents a welcome alternative to the trend toward heavier putters. SeeMore offers custom length, lie angle, grip and head cover options at the point of purchase. The SeeMore DB4 gunmetal putter is currently on back order until March 22, but many will find it worth the wait.

At $295, the SeeMore DB4 CS gunmetal black putter isn’t cheap, but such is the cost of superior quality.

Who’s It For?
Golfers who want to invest in excellent craftsmanship and a new way to ensure consistent alignment in a classic Anser-style putter.

Final Word
SeeMore hits a home run by seamlessly adapting its proven alignment system to a proven putter style.

Street Price: $295
Head Weight: 335 grams
Lie Angle: 66 to 74 degrees
Length: 31 to 37 inches
Toe Hang: 4 o’clock
Material: Milled carbon steel
Included Accessories: Head Cover

P.S. Stay tuned for PutterZone.com’s full SeeMore DB4 putter review.

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