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Quick Hit: Tall Face Putter

The Tall Face putter with TFT technology isn’t the first flatstick to have a tall profile or a slightly convex striking surface, but as far as we know, it’s the first one to combine both into a single putter. The TFT technology aims to compensate for inconsistent ball striking by fostering consistent contact with the equator of the ball. According to the company, “TFT creates a precise impact despite imperfections in an individual’s putting stroke, resulting in more consistent distance control than a recreational golfer could ever achieve using a conventional flat face putter.”

The TMS 002 model is a mid-sized mallet with a plumber’s neck. It has a smooth, soft feel and puts a clean roll on the ball. The thick red alignment line along the flange is echoed on the topline, creating visual cues for a consistent setup. The club is nicely balanced and swings on fine natural arc.

The ultra-thin topline and taller face will likely give the average traditionalist the heebie jeebies. The liberal use of paint on the head is questionable, and the overall presentation could use some refinement.

Who’s It For?
Golfers who are seeking solutions for inconsistent ball striking, particularly in vertical relation to the ball.

Final Word
The Tall Face putter is an interesting alternative for those who are frustrated by traditional putters.

Street Price: $128
Head Weight: 340 grams
Lie Angle: 72 degrees
Length: Optional
Toe Hang: 4 o’clock
Material: Stainless Steel
Included Accessories: Velcro head cover

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