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The Fringe: Sumi-G Dormy Belt Review

So your approach shot bites the green and spins back toward the hole, setting you up for birdie if you can sink the ensuing five-foot putt.

Your buddies aren’t so lucky, so it’s time to mark your ball. You reach into your pocket and…nothing. You try the other pocket. Nope. Did you lose your marker? Did you inadvertently put it back in your bag? Does anyone around here have a penny or a dime? Hello!?

Suddenly, you go from champ to chump. Too bad you aren’t wearing the Dormy belt by Sumi-G, which stealthily and stylishly incorporates a ball marker right into the buckle.

Sumi-G Dormy BeltUnder The Hood
The black and white Dormy belts have red suede liners and silver buckles. The brown belt has a brown suede liner and black chrome buckle.

-Double pronged buckle
-Magentic ball marker in buckle
-Three interchangeable Sumi-G ball markers
-Italian leather
-Colorfast suede liner
-1 5/8″ wide
-$85 retail price

Why It Rocks
The Dormy belt solves two common problems on the golf course: ugly belts and missing ball markers.

The Dormy’s ball marker is a red-dotted steel wafer that easily detaches from the magnetized center of the buckle. With a quick swipe of your thumb, you’re ready to mark your ball. When you’re ready to putt, it reattaches just as easily. After using it for a few holes, it becomes second nature, a part of your unconscious routine.

The tolerances and crafstmanship of the Sumi-G Dormy belt are superior—looking at the buckle, you would never suspect that the centerpiece is detachable. The belt comes with two replacement wafers sewn into the underside.

Best of all, the Dormy looks mighty sharp. Yeah, it’ll set you back $85, but it’s worth the splurge.

The Final Word
With the Dormy belt, Sumi-G offers yet another brilliant golf accessory that excels in matters of both form and function.

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  1. Nice looking belt, but the ball marker is much smaller than I prefer.

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