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Exclusive: Zero Technology Putter

The Zero Technology Putter was introduced to great fanfare today, and it is seemingly poised to take the PGA Tour by storm.

“It’s really just a piece of metal on a stick,” said Zero Technology CEO John Porter. “But it’s a damned fine piece of metal, let me tell you that.”

The Zero Technology putter is crafted from 303 stainless steel in the classic Anser-style, despite the backlash against Anser-style putters in online golf forums.

“It’s like pizza,” Porter says. “Everyone says they want veggie pizza, but as soon as the pepperoni pizza shows up, suddenly nobody wants veggie. The Anser is your pepperoni pizza, and I’ve got to keep the lights on around here. You can connect the dots.”

According to Porter, the putter lives up to its name. “There is no technology in this putter. No moving parts, no add-ons, no screws or ports, nothing. This is the new cutting edge.”

In another shocking move, the Zero Technology web site features all of the specifications of the putter: weight, loft, lie angle, grip size, material composition and available lengths. “Why wouldn’t we make this information easy to find on our web site?” Porter says. “We’re in the business of selling putters, aren’t we?”

As of April 1, 2010, the Zero Technology Putter is available at all major golf retail outlets for a street price of $225.

Asked about the high price, Porter responded with his own rhetorical question: “Let me get this straight, you buy a new driver every year for $300 that you use maybe 10 times per round to slice the ball into the woods, yet you’re giving me a hard time about charging over $200 for a club you’ll use three times as much, and for many more years?”

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