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Quick Hit: Bettinardi BB26 Putter

After parting ways with Mizuno Golf late last year, Robert Bettinardi hit the ground running with his new Bettinardi BB Series putters. Bettinardi made some righteous putters for Mizuno, and the BB putters reveal that he’s still at the top of his game. Classic in spirit and design, the Bettinardi BB putters are milled in the U.S.A. and feature Bettinardi’s signature honeycomb face pattern. The BB26 model is a center-shafted, heel-toe weighted design with zero offset.

At address, the BB26 putter is utterly elegant, with a clean symmetry that exudes a strong sense of purpose. Curvy bevels and rounded bumpers bring a pleasant softness the presentation. The detail work is impeccable, from the sleek black nickel finish to the crisp paintfill to the fine honeycomb pattern milled into the face. And yes, the BB26 performs like it looks, which is to say: exquisitely. The feel is pure, and the balanced design promotes a smooth natural arc for a consistent stroke.

The $265 price tag will be too much for some to swallow, and those who equate carbon steel with a super-soft feel may be surprised by the relative firmness of the feedback.

Who’s It For?
Golfers who don’t mind paying a little extra to possess an American-made putter of superior quality and artistry.

Final Word
The BB putters deliver the classy design and high performance that have become synonymous with the Bettinardi name.

Street Price: $265
Head Weight: 332 and 348 grams (for 35 and 34 inch lengths)
Lie Angle: 71 degrees
Loft: 3 degrees
Length: 34 and 35 inches
Toe Hang: 4 o’clock
Material: Milled carbon steel
Included Accessories: Patented slip-on head cover

P.S. Stay tuned for PutterZone.com’s full Bettinardi BB putter review.

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  1. How does the feel of these compare with the Studio Stock putters?

  2. Alas, Sactown, I don't have a Studio Stock on hand for comparison!

  3. My Ques. is do u have this putter in left hand? BB26 BLADE CENTER SHAFT PUTTER (WOW) I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE THIS PUTTER!!!!

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