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The Fringe: Boccieri Heavy Wedge Review

Nice and easy, buddy. Just 30 yards to the pin. A confident takeaway, smooth transition, accelerate through the ball. That’s all you need. Simple. Here you go…Doh!

The ball is scalped, it goes flying over the green. Your next words would make Tiger Woods blush.

We’ve all been there. It’s what you might call the wedge yips. Swing thoughts and mind-body games messing with a simple approach shot.

Consistent chipping and pitching are, indeed, easier said than done, especially for the average recreational golf who struggles to find the time to practice his or her short game.

Into this picture steps the Heavy Wedge by Boccieri Golf, the new sibling to Stephen Boccieri’s Heavy Putter line. The Heavy Wedge aims to enhance your control and consistency, as expressed in its secondary moniker, the “Control Series.”

Boccieri Heavy WedgeUnder The Hood
According to Boccieri Golf, the Heavy Wedge’s higher balance point “leads to a more consistent impact position, more solid contact, better tempo, smoother transition and better distance control. The higher balance point also eliminates excessive hand and wrist action on short shots around the green.”

-65-gram weight in the grip end raises the balance point
-FST High Rev Shaft
-Loft and bounce combinations of 52/8, 56/11, 60/4 and 60/7
-Stainless steel head with CNC milled face
-$109 retail price

Why It Rocks
Boccieri’s original Heavy Putter was a substantial departure from the norm, weighing in at a whopping 900 grams (they have since released lighter versions). So when the Heavy Wedge was announced, we braced ourselves for a big adjustment period.

Well, we were pleasantly suprised when we picked the Heavy Wedge up and promptly started pitching balls without missing a beat.

Where the Heavy Wedge really shines is on half wedges and chipping, when your swing is more nuanced and measured, and thus more prone to mind-body breakdown. The higher balance point and added weight of the Heavy Wedge bring stability to the proceedings for a smoother transition and enhanced control. Ample spin off the face adds frosting to the cake.

Aesthetically, the Heavy Wedge looks like it belongs. It’s clean and confident, with an air of muscularity.

If you bang an entire bucket of driving range balls with the Heavy Wedge, you might feel some added strain. But during normal use and practice, it doesn’t feel terribly weighty or fatiguing. Over time, you probably won’t even notice the difference.

With the Heavy Wedge, you give up some feel and relative distance compared to the average premium wedge. But hey, it’s not called the Feel or Distance Series, it’s called the Control Series, and on that front, it lives up to its name.

The Final Word
If you find yourself lacking consistency and control around the fringe or on shorter approach shots, the Heavy Wedge may cure what ails you.

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